Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saddest thing ever!

Poor brek is severely constipated! That was definitely the hardest thing I have had to watch my baby go through! So bad I had to give her a laxative to help her...she just screamed and held her breath the whole time which made it worse! Poor thing, let's just say that we are going to try oatmeal and more fruits rather than rice cereal!

Friday, December 30, 2011

New app

If you haven't noticed I have been blogging quite a bit for someone that normally post something every 4 months. Well I recently got an iPhone and about a week ago I found the blogger app which makes it much easier. So hopefully I will keep it up now! 😉 so yesterday my awesome friend auburn called me to let me know that her daughter is officially done with baby food and she had some left over. Well that was an understatement......she had a ton! Long story short, thanks jones family....haha! Also just a little thing, I am obsessed with these pacifiers! I usually order them for brek but I found a store in Gilbert that sells them so I bought her a few more!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good sleeper......

Well for now brek takes 2 long naps during the day and sleeps 11 hours at night! I'm just waiting for the day that it all comes to a crashing halt, but for now I'll enjoy sleeping!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family pictures

I love taking pictures but unfortunately my husband does not! Now that's an understatement, he absolutely hates taking family pictures which makes him act out like a 5 yr old boy! I love u hun but you just have to get use to taking pictures. So out of 450 pictures I got 3 that I really like and he is only in one of them!

New seating

So I feel like brek is impossible to feed! You have to talk to her the entire time that you are feeding her or she will turn her head to avoid the spoon or spit it all over you! Even with the foods she loves! She wasn't doing so well eating in the bumbo because she moves so much so we got her a high chair that she gets strapped into, plus she thinks it's so fun to play in after eating! She still spits but at least she can't really go anywhere

It has been a while

So I don't know where to start! So for now I'll just post from here on out! Well brek is 6 months old! Here's what's new with her:
- she loves tummy time and is so close to crawling
- she likes to stand and would probably do it forever if I would let her
- she likes her rice cereal and lots of other foods but has recently found out that it's funny to spit her food at her mom
- she is in the 5% for her weight and 25th for head and height. She is a tiny little girl!
- she takes a couple naps a day and usually sleeps through the night.
- she only will sleep on her tummy
-she is always smiling at anyone that will give her attention!
- she is almost sitting up and gets so frustrated that she can't sometimes
- she loves the outdoors
- she always has a huge smile whenever she hears her daddy's voice
- she loves the tv or anything that lights up basically
- a diaper cannot contain this child! I go through like three outfits a day!
- she has already rolled off the bed for the first time, that freaked me out!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Three Months

Brek is 3 months old now but i forgot to put the stats up for her 2 month appointment:

Weight: 8lb 12oz

Head: 14 inches

Height: 21 inches

Head: 20th percentile

Weight: 5th percentile

Height: 5th percentile

So she is definitely a tiny little girl but we love her. She is now sitting in her bumbo all by her self, smiles all the time, and most of the time she will sleep from at least 10pm to 5am (sometimes if im lucky a little longer). She is not so good at the nap thing unless we are out and about or she is in her swing, but hey cant complain as long as she is sleeping at night. She loves her tummy time and kicks like crazy and wants to crawl already but just cant grasp the concept. If we hold her little hands she will stand up for like 1 minute, hey maybe she will be like her mama and walk at 7 months. She is now at the point where she can roll over but not quite get back on her back without help

Monday, August 8, 2011

Growing up fast!

One day old:

7 weeks old:

She is doing what mommy taught her, protecting her candy!

Daddy woke her up with a lot of flashing camera lights

One day i will sit down and actually type out something going on in my life longer than one sentence, but for now here are some pictures! Everyone likes pictures!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Newborn Shoot

Breklyn was a good sport for us but it is not as easy as it looks to take newborn pictures. They did turn out great though and these are just a few!

A Natural Daddy!

For all those who remember how scared jer was by babies.......well he is a natural! He is great with her and actually asks me to give her to him whenever im done feeding her. He changes diapers and everything! Since she is so little we do have to wake her up most of the time to feed her so i have dubbed jer the person who does that because most of the time he keeps her up when she is suppose to be sleeping.


Little Breklyn Ryan Naylor decided to surprise us a little earlier than planned, 3 and a half weeks to be exact! I went in for a routine doctors appt. on Friday the 17th and everything was fine she just wanted to send us over to the hospital for BPP to make sure that breklyn was growing fine and that there was enough fluid for her to keep growing. We left the hospital without the results because the nurse assured us that since the tests all went so fast that everything was fine. Well about 2 hours later I got a phone call from that same nurse saying to eat a good lunch, pack and bag, and come in to have my baby! I was so shocked i called jer but he didnt believe me so my mom had to take the phone and convince him i wasnt kidding. Long story short (i dont have time to type the whole thing up right now) after 16 hours of contractions and 3 hours of pushing with no epidural she's here! She arrived on June 18th @8:23am the day before fathers day! Happy fathers day jer! She was 5lbs and 19inches long and since going to the doctor she is 4lbs 10oz 18inches long!Tiny little thing!

Us waiting in lobby waiting in shock to have breklyn

Mom and daughter

Ready to go home

She looks like her daddy

We were both shocked at how tiny she really is

Monday, May 23, 2011

Latest baby project

So lately i am really anxious for this baby to be here so i have decided that im going to do a couple things a week to take my mind off the fact that these last 7 weeks are taking forever! So i made jer his very own changing pad and diaper/wipe holder. Little does he know he WILL be using it.....haha! It turned out really cute....probably because it didn't take very long.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Nursery so far......

So we still have so much to do but i at least feel like i can wait to do anymore until after my shower on June 4th! And by this wednesday Grandma Harding will be in town and im hoping that she wants to help. Thanks so much to my mom who basically painted anything in this room that is white, while i sat in the shade drinking water! I really am not good with long projects....thanks mom!

Cabin Trip!

We went to the law's cabin a few weeks ago with the young's family and Jeremy's family and this is the only pic i have (photo credits to Amber). It was really fun getting to know the young's better. We hardly ever spend time with them and i had a ton of fun, even though i really couldn't do anything. Lori and Shelley did get me to get on the horse and walk me around ( which is huge im really really afraid of horses, they are really big and strong animals). Jer and i went on a nice quad ride which lasted for like 5 mins but i still went :)

Ultra-sound Pictures

I know this pic looks a little creepy but i think its cute that she has her hands up by her face. We had another ultrasound at 26 weeks ( i dont have pictures posted yet) and she is doing the same thing with her hands up by her face. We also double checked that she is in fact a girl at that appointment. Jer was quite concerned at the first ultrasound because they would tell him that she was 100% girl, but we got a clear pic and the 2nd one.

So i know that no one really enjoys these pictures except the mother of the child, but i want to make sure that i have then documented somewhere because knowing me im sure i will loose them.


8 months
Ok so im really looking prego now and
yes i am gaining weight in my face, but i hear
that means she is close to arriving!

7 months

6 months

5 months

3 months

2 months

I clearly remember taking this picture because i totally

thought i was showing.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I know, I know

I really haven't posted anything in a long time, but i really don't think very many people read it anyway so really it's just for me :) . Im sitting up in bed trying to figure out what I can do at 11pm at night to try and distract me from everything else going through my head! If only i had fallen asleep 10 mins earlier i would not have gotten this text from katherine and been able to sleep tonight. " My water ruptured this evening and now we are at the hospital just waiting for baby Kate to make her appearance!"
I really didnt realize how nervous I am to have this baby until i got that text from her. Kit you probably have no idea that for some odd reason the birth of little kate is making me so anxious and nervous. Ill forgive you though cause im sure you aren't exactly enjoying every moment of what you are experiencing right now either.......(can't wait though!) I can't quite tell if i am scared for Katherine or for myself but i really cant sleep and feel physically nauseaous! Is that weird or motherly instincts kicking in? I really cant wait to see both of our little girls! I just have to be a little more patient to see jer and I's precious little one.....which we all know is going to be a challenge for me!