Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Almost got you!

This actually happened a while ago i just dont want to forget this story but i will always have this picture to remember it by. I took a picture of dr. J sleeping and i get in my car 7 hours later to find this picture instead of the one i took! Nice move i have to admit!


Man Jer and i love this little girl! She is so stinkin cute! I babysit her every tuesday morning and we have so much fun! We paint her finger nails and toe nails and go on shopping trips every once in a while. Most days involve my mom and occasionally taking a walk down to her house and talking for a little while. Today we walked down to her house to show my mom something and Audrey wanted to color so my mom of course (all prepared for grandchildren) went off to find her cute little coloring bag while i searched for crayons that little did i know were in the bag. I ran upstair and audrey of course followed. I told her to wait downstair with my mom while i grabbed the crayons from upstairs. She said, "o tay, desha" (i love the way she talks). Soon we got to coloring and audrey went upstairs really fast and came back down and didnt want to tell me what she did. Later tonight my mom called and said she found the crayons all cleaned up nicely sitting on her hamper in her room! This girl amazes me, one day she is smearing poop on the wall and the next she is cleaning up the crayons and acutally putting them away in the (sort of) right place! It's awesome to be able to spend so much time with such a beautiful, smart little girl!

Monday, October 26, 2009


First picture with braces on. Thought you might like to see, i look like im in junior high again!
It may sound dumb but its almost like we got initiated into the neighborhood last night! We were "Boo" ed ! Someone actually knows we are here!? Yay....im very excited about it!

Halloween Craft!

Its my first offcial halloween decoration that i have made for our home, Thanks Brit for the idea and thanks to shelley for keeping me occupied when i was sick! You all know i get bored very easily! Haha! I recently painted my bench too!