Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saddest thing ever!

Poor brek is severely constipated! That was definitely the hardest thing I have had to watch my baby go through! So bad I had to give her a laxative to help her...she just screamed and held her breath the whole time which made it worse! Poor thing, let's just say that we are going to try oatmeal and more fruits rather than rice cereal!

Friday, December 30, 2011

New app

If you haven't noticed I have been blogging quite a bit for someone that normally post something every 4 months. Well I recently got an iPhone and about a week ago I found the blogger app which makes it much easier. So hopefully I will keep it up now! 😉 so yesterday my awesome friend auburn called me to let me know that her daughter is officially done with baby food and she had some left over. Well that was an understatement......she had a ton! Long story short, thanks jones family....haha! Also just a little thing, I am obsessed with these pacifiers! I usually order them for brek but I found a store in Gilbert that sells them so I bought her a few more!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good sleeper......

Well for now brek takes 2 long naps during the day and sleeps 11 hours at night! I'm just waiting for the day that it all comes to a crashing halt, but for now I'll enjoy sleeping!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family pictures

I love taking pictures but unfortunately my husband does not! Now that's an understatement, he absolutely hates taking family pictures which makes him act out like a 5 yr old boy! I love u hun but you just have to get use to taking pictures. So out of 450 pictures I got 3 that I really like and he is only in one of them!

New seating

So I feel like brek is impossible to feed! You have to talk to her the entire time that you are feeding her or she will turn her head to avoid the spoon or spit it all over you! Even with the foods she loves! She wasn't doing so well eating in the bumbo because she moves so much so we got her a high chair that she gets strapped into, plus she thinks it's so fun to play in after eating! She still spits but at least she can't really go anywhere

It has been a while

So I don't know where to start! So for now I'll just post from here on out! Well brek is 6 months old! Here's what's new with her:
- she loves tummy time and is so close to crawling
- she likes to stand and would probably do it forever if I would let her
- she likes her rice cereal and lots of other foods but has recently found out that it's funny to spit her food at her mom
- she is in the 5% for her weight and 25th for head and height. She is a tiny little girl!
- she takes a couple naps a day and usually sleeps through the night.
- she only will sleep on her tummy
-she is always smiling at anyone that will give her attention!
- she is almost sitting up and gets so frustrated that she can't sometimes
- she loves the outdoors
- she always has a huge smile whenever she hears her daddy's voice
- she loves the tv or anything that lights up basically
- a diaper cannot contain this child! I go through like three outfits a day!
- she has already rolled off the bed for the first time, that freaked me out!