Saturday, June 25, 2011

Newborn Shoot

Breklyn was a good sport for us but it is not as easy as it looks to take newborn pictures. They did turn out great though and these are just a few!

A Natural Daddy!

For all those who remember how scared jer was by babies.......well he is a natural! He is great with her and actually asks me to give her to him whenever im done feeding her. He changes diapers and everything! Since she is so little we do have to wake her up most of the time to feed her so i have dubbed jer the person who does that because most of the time he keeps her up when she is suppose to be sleeping.


Little Breklyn Ryan Naylor decided to surprise us a little earlier than planned, 3 and a half weeks to be exact! I went in for a routine doctors appt. on Friday the 17th and everything was fine she just wanted to send us over to the hospital for BPP to make sure that breklyn was growing fine and that there was enough fluid for her to keep growing. We left the hospital without the results because the nurse assured us that since the tests all went so fast that everything was fine. Well about 2 hours later I got a phone call from that same nurse saying to eat a good lunch, pack and bag, and come in to have my baby! I was so shocked i called jer but he didnt believe me so my mom had to take the phone and convince him i wasnt kidding. Long story short (i dont have time to type the whole thing up right now) after 16 hours of contractions and 3 hours of pushing with no epidural she's here! She arrived on June 18th @8:23am the day before fathers day! Happy fathers day jer! She was 5lbs and 19inches long and since going to the doctor she is 4lbs 10oz 18inches long!Tiny little thing!

Us waiting in lobby waiting in shock to have breklyn

Mom and daughter

Ready to go home

She looks like her daddy

We were both shocked at how tiny she really is