Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It has been a while

So I don't know where to start! So for now I'll just post from here on out! Well brek is 6 months old! Here's what's new with her:
- she loves tummy time and is so close to crawling
- she likes to stand and would probably do it forever if I would let her
- she likes her rice cereal and lots of other foods but has recently found out that it's funny to spit her food at her mom
- she is in the 5% for her weight and 25th for head and height. She is a tiny little girl!
- she takes a couple naps a day and usually sleeps through the night.
- she only will sleep on her tummy
-she is always smiling at anyone that will give her attention!
- she is almost sitting up and gets so frustrated that she can't sometimes
- she loves the outdoors
- she always has a huge smile whenever she hears her daddy's voice
- she loves the tv or anything that lights up basically
- a diaper cannot contain this child! I go through like three outfits a day!
- she has already rolled off the bed for the first time, that freaked me out!

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